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What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy is an alternative to oral treatment or medication injections and a type of medical treatment to deliver the medication directly into the body through a Needle or Sterile Catheter. This treatment is used in Redmond, OR hospitals to treat different conditions of patients and it is optional of oral treatment for a number of reasons when a patient is unable to take medication or if there are Swallowing Disorders. It deals with all aspects of fluid medication and infusion through a needle or sterile catheter.

What Are Types of Infusion Therapy?

There are some types of infusion therapy to treat patients in Redmond, OR especially when a patient requires support for Chronic Inflammatory Disorders, neurological disorders, nutrition, bleeding disorders, and many other treatments.

What Medical Drugs Are Used in Infusion Therapy?

There are some types of medications administered through infusion therapy by a professional physician. Infusion therapy can vary for each patient depending upon the Severity Of The Infusion Condition and a physician can better advise a patient. The most common types of medications used for infusion therapy are antibiotics, antifungals, drugs for low blood pressure, and Immunoglobulin Medications.

What Does Infusion Therapy Treat?

Dehydration, vomiting diarrhea; cancer, pain management, and other serious diseases are some typical examples for which infusion therapy is necessary for patients. Infusion therapy is used to treat Serious Chronic Infections that are not helpful to oral antibiotics. Infusion therapy nursing professionals at our Treatment Center in Redmond, OR are highly trained to perform infusion therapy and monitor the patients during the whole treatment.

How Does Infusion Therapy Happen?

Usually, infusion therapy is an outpatient treatment however it can be done at home as well if it is necessary for the long term. Infusion therapy is administered in a comfortable and quiet environment under the supervision of Highly Trained Nursing Staff in Redmond, OR. Whether it is outpatient or inpatient treatment, a patient is closely monitored throughout infusion therapy. However, if there is inpatient treatment, a nurse can help to set up your Home Infusion Therapy System but it is essential to clean a pace where inpatient treatment is to be administered.

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